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Prices and Funding Information

Fees & Funding:

Nursery session times & prices:
We are open from 7.30am - 6.30pm

Yellow & Red Room (0-2 years)


8am-1pm/1pm-6pm - £42

9am-4pm - £60

Additional hour - £12

Additional half hour - £7

Additional meal hour - £14

Additional half meal hour - £8

Late half hour (6pm-6.30pm) - £10

Orange Room (2-3 years) Blue Room (3-3.5 years) Purple & Preschool (3.5-5 years)

*Fees for any hours outside of funded allowance:

8am-1pm/1pm-6pm - £52

9am-4pm - £69

Additional hour - £15

Additional half hour - £18

Additional meal hour - £117

Additional half meal hour - £10

Late half hour (6pm-6.30pm) - £10

* Children who attend ACN before receiving funding at age 2 years, will receive a loyalty discount. This will be applied to any paid for hours which children attend outside of their funded entitlement. This discount will ensure the price for non funded hours/sessions in Orange & Blue/Purple pre-school will cost the equivalent to that in the Yellow & Red classrooms.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by bank transfer/direct debit/cash/cheque/voucher & tax free childcare.

Funding (FEL & EFE):

Funding Charges

9+ month consumables - N|A until September 2024

2 year consumables: Per hour £2 - Per meal £2.50

3&4 year consumables: Per hour £4 - Per meal £5

Hours attended above the FEL/EFE allowance are charged at the unfunded pricing outlined in your contract with Abbeydale Cottage Nursery and listed above.

Additional charges for when claiming Funding (FEL & EFE).

The expense of providing childcare to parents and children is much higher than the funding we receive from the Government and hence, we have additional charges in addition to the funded hours. These charges cover the cost of resources, outings, training, meals, and consumables such as nappy changing supplies (this list is not exhaustive nor definitive).

In addition to our commitment to quality, we also have higher staffing ratios than what is required by law. Alongside our Early Years Practitioners who hold a level 3 and above, we also employ Early Years Teachers who bring a wealth of early years development knowledge and experience.

We encourage all classrooms to spend time outdoors throughout the year. We have access to a small courtyard on site, and have the use of the grounds within the sports club we are situated in. We do this to facilitate more outdoor learning, especially through the spring/summer. We often go on additional walks around the community and take public transport (covid permitting) around the city to local attractions. These excursions do need additional staff and resources but are vital for providing a link to our community.  

These additional charges will be simply named ‘consumables’ for ease, on the invoices and in any communication from us.

The consumables charges are itemised in table 2 above and are different depending on the child’s age & classroom.

Important information:

The government advertised 15 hours per week of funded care only covers the 38 term time weeks of the year. Because we are open 51 weeks, we stretch this entitlement over this period, which equates to 11hours per week.

The term after your child turns 3 you will be able to claim the additional funding ‘advertised as 30hrs’ which when stretched is 22hrs per week.

If you wish to attend for longer than the funded allowance of 22 hrs, extra hours can be added either side of a session and charged at the non-funded hourly rate.

If children are claiming funding they will no longer be given an annual holiday allowance, nor will sibling discount apply.

How to apply:

Government website - Help with childcare costs

If you think you may be eligible for EFE, you will need to follow to the above link and firstly set up a government gateway account with HMRC, and apply for the 2yo working parents’ entitlement and 3yr EFE, this should take approximately 20 minutes and you will need the following information to get started:

·       Your Childs DOB

·       Yours and your partners NI number

·       Your unique Taxpayer reference number (if you are self-employed).

·       The date you started or are due to start employment,

·       Details of any other government support you get.

A contract to claim Funded Early Learning, will need to be completed (alongside your existing ACN contract) before you can claim any funding. The main pieces of information required on this form will be:

·       Parents/Carer’s Name(s)

·       Address

·       Parent(s) NI number(s)

·       Eligibility code. (This is the code you get from the council when you apply for the funding scheme)

We will also need a photocopy of your child’s passport or birth certificate.
You can download this contract here:

Download our 2024 FEL contract here.