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Yellow Classroom

6 weeks - 15 months

Here we welcome babies and young toddlers from 6 weeks until approximately 15 months. Our experienced staff will work with you to support your baby’s routine and development, sharing information via our Famly app so you can feel connected to your baby throughout their time at nursery. Your baby will be allocated a key worker who will spend time building a nurturing relationship with your little one.

We provide a wide range of activities to stimulate and support babies and young toddler’s development; particularly focusing on sensory exploration as they learn to use all their senses to understand the world around them and strengthen communication and language through songs and rhymes.

This room has its own feeding area and a quiet sleep area where your baby can sleep peacefully, away from the noise of other children playing.

Our Famly app will keep you up to date with feeding, sleeping and activities throughout the day.

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