Early Years Childcare in Dore & Totley

Winter / Spring 2022 Newsletter

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Welcome to our Winter/Spring newsletter the first for this year 2022. We hope this will help you keep updated on our latest news and events happening in the nursery.

As the quote above suggests, we have an action filled calendar which will include new plans and projects. These will help your children grow and develop whilst also having lots of fun  at nursery.

Exciting News within the nursery:

We had two new babies born just before Christmas, Ruth from Yellow Room had a baby girl called Honey, and not long after Alicia from Red Room gave birth to another little girl called Sofia. We wish them well on their maternity and look forward to their return later in the year, and of course seeing their little ones.

We need your help!

Around the World Project

Ashley (Music Coordinator) and myself Michelle (Parent Liaison), are planning a new project to help celebrate different nationalities within the nursery. We wish to  focus on making this in to a song ‘The Hello Song’ for the children to learn and sing. We are asking parents and carers if they could let us know how they say ‘Hello’ in their language. We would love as many as possible to help bring this project together, currently we have ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Guten Tag’. We are also displaying a map on the lift which will show where our children come from in the world.

Healthy Eating Coordinator (Holly)

Holly has created a fantastic information board situated at the bottom of the stairs. There is information on healthy eating and how the children are learning about where our food comes from, as well as reducing food waste. Ashley is also working with her on a new song called ‘The Healthy Eating Song’, which will be played throughout the nursery when it is ready.

Valentine’s Day

I have created a board called ‘Take What you Need’.

It is nearly Valentine’s Day, and we thought it would be nice to send a message of positivity to our parents and carers. It can be a difficult time of year for many people, so we wanted to spread a positive message. Simply choose a category and pick a quote, hopefully the message will uplift you or perhaps give it to someone else and help make their day a little easier. This situated at the bottom of the stairs.

Craft Workshop and Singing

After the brilliant turn out for the two events last year, I am doing one to celebrate Springtime. It will be on Saturday 2nd April 2022 and we will be making crafts inspired by this season and accompanied as always by singing with Ashley in Yellow Room. I will post more details on Famly nearer the time.

Spring is the time to grow

Each room is working on their new ‘green windowsill’, where we will grow different flowers  herbs and foods. This is also and excellent opportunity to helps our children to be involved in the planting process and the care needed to grow, whilst also learning about nature.

Yellow Room

The staff and children are excited about their new Pet’s Project. They will be creating and displaying images of their pets from home, so be prepared to be asked for a photo of your beloved animals. They are also getting ‘green fingered’ by growing herbs on their window sill, cress and chives. The outdoors is such a great place to learn and the staff would like parents to bring puddle suits and shoes/pram shoes to help them explore.

Red Room

The staff have welcomed a new member of staff called Ellie who is enjoying working with the children and getting to know the nursery, whilst completing her level 3 in Early Years Childcare. They are also currently planting and growing their own flowers on their window sills, and making a display board and associated crafts for our story of the month The Gruffalo.

Orange Room

The team are concentrating on helping the children with communication by learning how to sign their names. This includes also looking at the different colours of the rainbow and using signs to sing and learn. To help the children learn about healthy eating they are reading two books to help them, ‘Eat your Greens Goldilocks- A story about eating healthily’ by Steve Smallman and ‘Evie eat your fruit’ by Adele Palmer. To accompany this they are doing children’s yoga, the ABC yoga,, helping them to learn their alphabet and help develop their physical skills.

Blue Room

They are concentrating on improving their independence skills such as putting on their own coats and waterproofs. They are also getting in touch with their emotions and working on understanding their feelings. In addition to this they are busy creating some amazing sculptures for our current art project, work inspired by the sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

Purple Room

The children whilst also working on their independence skills too, are learning about healthy eating and what foods are good for you. They are also combining this project with being creative; by making their own fruits in modelling clay – we look forward to seeing these creations.

Looking forward to a fun filled Spring

Kind Regards

Michelle Vinson ( Parent and Community Liaison)