Early Years Childcare in Dore & Totley

What records / reports do you keep?

The Famly app connects you as parents with your child here at nursery. We use the app to send and receive relevant information, communicate with you in real time, keep you informed of your child’s learning and development, take bookings and pay invoices. 

A single parent log in will be set up. This provides access to your child’s personal profile. You are responsible for entering and managing personal information. Please check this regularly to ensure that it is up to date and relevant. Additional log ins can be set up. Please speak to reception.

Holiday days and sickness absence will be recorded on the app to help you keep track.

We keep registration records, records of activities and development. All documents are kept securely and confidentiality in locked cabinets or on secure password protected platforms. 

As parents, you are able to see what your child has eaten, any sleeps, nappy changes and observations and assessments of learning via the Famly app.