Early Years Childcare in Dore & Totley

What are the drop off and collection procedures?

When you drop off, please sign in on the screen in the hallway, before attaching your child’s photograph above the coat peg. Hang up their bag, coat and place shoes under the peg. Handover any medicines to a member of staff; making sure that any relevant consent forms have been completed.

If your child has had an accident at home, please inform the staff in the room and complete an accident at home form on reception.

If a person who is not known to nursery will be collecting your child, please advise the receptionist and room staff. You will also need to supply the individual with the collection password. We will not release a child to anyone other than the known parent or nominated adult.

When collecting, please remember to take home all your child’s belongings and check their drawer in the classroom/corridor. Sign out on the screen in the hallway as you leave.

Please advise us if you are running late at either end of the day. 

If you arrive early at nursery at drop off, you will be asked to wait in the corridor until the designated time. We allow 5 minutes overrun at the end of the session before applying a late collection charge.