Early Years Childcare in Dore & Totley

How long does my child need to stay at home with childhood illnesses?

Any wounds or blisters must be dressed before coming to nursery.

Our policy on exclusions is as follows:

Illness & Exclusion Periods:

  • Chickenpox: Until all vesicles have crusted over
  • Hand foot and mouth: 24hrs after last symptoms
  • Impetigo: Until lesions are healed or 48hrs into antibiotic treatment
  • Measles: 4 days (d) from onset of rash
  • Scabies: Return after first treatment
  • Ringworm: Return after first treatment
  • Scarlet Fever: 24hrs after starting antibiotics
  • Shingles: Exclusion if rash is weeping then 24hrs after last symptom or after antibiotics
  • Diarrhoea &/or Vomiting: 48hrs after last episode
  • Flu: Absent until recovered
  • Whooping cough: 5d after starting antibiotics or 21d after first episode if no antibiotics
  • Mumps: 5d after onset of swelling
  • Conjunctivitis: 24hrs after drops started

In the unfortunate event that your child has an accident or requires hospital treatment, please speak to a member of the management team to discuss your child’s needs before they return to nursery.