Early Years Childcare in Dore & Totley

How do I apply for Free Early Learning?

FEL Funding Change September 2021

Abbeydale Cottage Nursery is changing the way the funding is offered.

From w/c 6th September 2021, you will be able to use the funding on ANY HOUR you attend our setting, up to the maximum of 11 hrs p/w for FEL or 22.5hrs for EFE. These funded hours will have an additional charge of £3 p/h or £4p/h for a meal hour. This charge is for activities/consumables and outings.

For example if you were using your funding to cover an 8-6 day, this will become £32 instead of £40 saving £8 on the current way of funding using 10hrs of your funded allowance as opposed to 4.5hrs.

If you wish to attend for longer than the funded allowance, extra hours can be added to a morning or evening and charged at the unfunded price of £7/£8 p/h.

This should give you more flexibility to use your full allowance. Whether it be over 1 long day or over a few days, meaning a saving on your monthly bill. We know a lot of you are attending an extra morning just to get the maximum out of your funding, or are not reaching your maximum claim possible, if you only attend 1 or 2 days. So we do hope this is positive news.

Due to the change the 9-1.30 funded session will be removed, and sessions will continue in line with the rest of the nursery 8am-1pm, 1pm-6pm and 9am-4pm.

ACN will make the changes to your child’s attendance plan with the new allocation of the funded hours, based on the amount of hours you currently claim. Those of you who ONLY attend the 9am- 1.30pm session currently will be automatically switched to the 8am-1pm session unless we hear otherwise. Using 5hrs of funding as opposed to 4.5hrs.

If you would like to increase or make a change to your funded hours you will need to get in touch with us before 15th August. This is when we have to issue the September invoices and submit the headcount to Sheffield City Council.

If the change to the way of funding means you are now able to claim from the Extended Free Entitlement (EFE), and have not yet had chance to do so, you will need to begin an application on the Government Gateway. Instructions below:

You will need to follow to the below link and firstly set up a government gateway account with HMRC, and apply for the EFE, this should take approximately 20 minutes and you will need the following information to get started:

  • Your Childs DOB
  • You and your partners NI number
  • Your unique Taxpayer reference number (if you are self-employed)
  • The date you started or are due to start employment
  • Any other government support you get https://childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk/par/app/applynow

Once you have created a government gateway account and applied for the EFE for your child. If you are eligible you can then log into your account and go to ‘secure messages’ to access the 11 digits ‘EFE eligibility code’ for your child.

Please email this code to Jodi along with your NI number and how you wish to claim the funding BEFORE 15th August. We will then give you an FEL/EFE parent & carer agreement for completion and arrange any alterations to your current attendance if required and if there is availability to do so.

Please be aware you cannot access the additional EFE hours until you have generated your code AND completed the paperwork at Nursery.

You will need to re-confirm your eligibility every 3 months in case any personal/financial circumstances have changed, this should only take a few minutes and HMRC will remind you by email when this needs to happen.

I would advise you begin this process sooner rather than later, as we have heard reports of the HMRC website having a few technical difficulties and parents having to wait a little longer than expected before receiving their eligibility code.