Early Years Childcare in Dore & Totley

Do you offer Free Early Learning?

From the beginning of the term after your child is 3yrs old you can claim the governments Free Early Learning (FEL) for your child’s nursery care. 

We offer these funded hours in a daily core session from 9am-1:30pm (4.5hrs per day) at a cost of £5 for food/activities. We are offering the funding throughout the full academic year rather than through term time only, and hence you can claim 11hrs p/w x51 weeks as opposed to 15hrs p/w x38 weeks. 

Because the funding is in 4.5hr sessions you can therefore attend 2x sessions and use the remaining 2hrs tagged on to another non funded session. 

Children claiming funding will no longer be given an annual holiday allowance, nor will sibling discount apply. 

If you wish to attend for longer than the funded session (9-1.30pm) extra hours can be added either side of the session and charged at £7 or 8 p/h for a mealtime hour.