Early Years Childcare in Dore & Totley
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Our Curriculum

We provide a balance of planned and free play activities for our children, supported by experienced and well qualified staff. They are encouraged to become independent, confident, involved and happy learners.

We aim to provide a curriculum to develop the whole child. Young children learn by first hand experiences i.e. doing, touching and seeing for themselves through play. We spend a lot of time outdoors in all weathers, enabling children to experience the freedom of wide-open spaces, supporting your child’s development both physically and mentally. Learning outside provides children with an opportunity to interact with the elements and helps them to gain an understanding of the world around them.One of the most important elements of outdoor play is to enable children to challenge themselves, learning to make decisions and take appropriate risks, such as such as ‘should I jump off this log?’ or ‘can I climb this tree?’

Your child's intellectual, social, emotional and creative development will be catered for through a variety of play activities. In addition, children will also learn as part of small groups and in fun, focused groups as they prepare for school, including phonics, maths, and science.