Early Years Childcare in Dore & Totley

Spring Newsletter February 2021

Monday, February 15, 2021

                                                                                                             Spring Newsletter February 2021

Welcome back to nursery, the children have settled straight back into nursery life and are coping incredibly well with the COVID-19 rules and restrictions and are now expert little hand washers. It is vital that our nursery remains COVID-19 safe so we thank you all for supporting us in this with wearing your face coverings and keeping your distance when dropping off and collecting your children.

Please keep checking our new outdoor notice board for any new updates or information.

We will be hosting another coffee zoom meeting for each classroom so keep an eye out on Famly for your child’s classroom date and time. We will also be doing parent phone calls to touch base with your child’s keyworker regarding their developmental progress by the end of March. You will receive a message from your child’s keyworker giving you a date and rough idea of time. This is not an essential call so please don’t worry if you can’t make it, remember you can always message them via Famly or another time/day may be arranged.

Dates for the Diary:

Please join us on Wednesday 24th Feb for anti-bullying day wearing anything pink. And help us to celebrate world book day by dressing up as your favourite character from your favourite book on the 4th of March.

Yellow Room News:

They have recently rearranged the room keeping it new and inviting whilst creating a stimulating and calm environment for our babies, which brings us to baby massage which is a lovely way to enjoy time with your baby and can also help you bond with them. This is something that our yellow team are introducing the basics of which has amazing calming benefits and may be something you may like to try while at home.

Red Room News:

They will be decorating pancakes and introducing the colour of the week, planning their crafts and sensory activities around this. Spring is upon us so the children will be planting sunflowers and making bird feeders as they learn about growth and new life.

Orange Room News:

We are looking forward to seeing the signs of Spring and learning about new life in the world around us and talking about new family members who maybe joining us, as parents bring new babies’ home, taking on a new role of big brother or sister.

Blue Room News:

We would like to welcome another Becky on to their team who works Mon to Thursday. They have received great feedback and photos from their Snow Day post which is lovely to see and encouraging for the children. Each month a post will come out to inform you of the chosen topic so that you can add any photos to the classroom display. This month it will be Pancake day. We thank you for your continued support and enjoy seeing our families using our focus of the week when at home and out on walks.


This term we are sharing the NHS link about the importance of stopping smoking during pregnancy. If you would like to know more the please visit https://www.nhs.uk/pregnancy/keeping-well/stop-smoking/

We are also focusing on early literacy. The importance of reading to your children at bedtime and listening to songs and rhymes is something that can get overlooked with our busy lifestyles and is so easy and simple to do even just a few minutes a day can have huge benefits.

3 out of 10 professional families don't read bedtime stories, and overall 40% children don't have bedtime story at all. Hearing stories both read and made up helps children process language as they sleep, and don't worry about repetition of favourite books, as 1 book read 100 times is better than 100 books read once for developing language and literacy skills.

A final word:

Please can we ask you all to keep labelling your children's items so we can make sure they make it home with the right child.

Kind regards

Fiona Parent & Student liaison